Neighbourhood Plan

Watton Neighbourhood Plan

Update 18/01/2024

Watton Neighbourhood Plan

Results of the referendum undertaken 18.01.24

Update 13/12/2023: Neighbourhood Plan Referendum

On Thursday 18 January the Watton Neighbourhood Plan will be put to a Parish Referendum.

Those residents entitled to vote will be asked to answer ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ to the following question: ‘Do you want Breckland District Council to use the Neighbourhood Plan for Watton to help it decide planning applications in the Neighbourhood Plan Area?’

If more than 50% of the turnout vote ‘Yes”, Breckland District Council will be legally required to ‘make’ (adopt) the Neighbourhood Plan as part of its planning framework. This means the planning policies of the Plan will have to be taken into account in making planning decisions.

The Referendum Version of the Plan can be viewed

 Printed copies of the referendum version Plan have are available to view at the Town Council office between 9am and 1pm and Watton Library during opening hours.


Update 12/06/2023: Independant examination of the Watton Neighbourhood plan 2021 – 2036 letter

In April 2017 the Town Council agreed to prepare a Neighbourhood Plan that will, when complete, form part of the statutory town planning framework for the area. Following a number of early consultation events and the preparation of detailed studies, we have now reached the formal “Pre-Submission” stage.

We consulted on the draft Neighbourhood Plan between February and the beginning of April 2022. You can view the Draft Neighbourhood Plan here

We also produced a Summary Leaflet that was distributed to every household and business in Watton.

All comments received are now being reviewed and necessary amendments will be made to the Plan before it is submitted to Breckland District Council. The District Council will then carry out further consultation before the Plan is the subject of scrutiny by an independent Neighbourhood Plan Examiner. The Examiner will decide whether amendments are required to the Plan whether Breckland District Council should hold a Referendum for those on the Electoral Register in Watton to approve the Plan. If the Plan is approved at the Referendum, Breckland District Council will use the planning policies within it when determining planning applications in the town.

Supporting Documents

The following supporting documents have been prepared to back up the content of the Neighbourhood Plan.

Watton High Street Design Code Report 2020

Watton Character Appraisal 2018

Watton Market Report

Watton Site Assessment

Shopfront Design Guide


Steering Group Notes

All Neighbourhood Plan documents and notes are available to view at the Town Council office by appointment. 

Watton Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group Notes June 2018 – May 2019

NP notes 19th June 2019

NP notes 10th July 2019

NP notes 8th Aug 2019

NP Notes 30th August 2019

NP notes 20th Sept 2019

NP notes 4th October 2019

NP notes 19th Nov 2019            

NP notes 9th Dec 2019

NP notes 10th Feb 2020 

NP notes 19th March 2021 Draft 

NP notes 22nd April 2021 

NP notes 19th May 2021 

NP notes 23rd June 2021      

NP notes 26th August 2021

NP notes 27th September 2021

NP Notes 14th October 2021

NP notes 2nd November 2021

NP notes 16th November 2021

NP notes 30th November 2021



Thank you to everyone who took the time to complete the Neighbourhood Plan (NP) Questionnaire. Please see initial example results that were presented at Watton’s Annual Town Meeting.

Drainage Group

Simply SuDs for Local People – Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) – National Flood Forum 

Preliminary Report to Watton Town Council on Flooding in Watton, Proposed Remedial Actions and Possible Sources of Funding

To View Norfolk County Council Flood Investigation Report on Watton, Please click the below link and scroll to the bottom of the page 

Watton Town Council’s Response to Norfolk County Council Flood Investigation Report dated 14/2/2018

Interim Report based on responses to questionnaires as of 26/3/18

Drainage Group report to Watton Annual Town Meeting – 17/04/18

Drainage Working Group Update – 29th June 2018

Drainage Working Group Update – 24th September 2018

Drainage Working Group Update – 6th November 2018

Drainage Working Group Update – 21st November 2018

Drainage Working Group Update – 19th February 2019 – Letter to residents

Drainage Group report to Watton Annual Town Meeting – 16/04/19

Drainage Working Group Update – 23rd April 2019

Informal meeting with Clare Pillinger – Anglian Water – 4th June 2019

Drainage Working Group Update – 10th July 2019

Drainage Working Group Update – 8th August 2019

Drainage Working Group Update – 5th September 2019 

Drainage Working Group Update – 19th November 2019

Drainage Working Group Update – 10th February 2020