The Council is the burial authority for the town cemetery and also has responsibility for St. Mary’s closed churchyard.


Cemetery fees including Grave digging fees came into effect as of 27th July 2017

As of April 1st 2024 a 10% increase in fees will come into effect.

Grave digging is undertaken by a contractor.


Watton Town Council Cemetery Review undertaken February 2017 and March 2019

Cemetery Rules and Regulations

A PDF copy of the cemetery rules can be downloaded by clicking this link

Watton Cemetery Rules and Regulations – reviewed 26th March 2019 and amended 11th February 2020

In addition to real fresh flowers only silk artificial flowers will be allowed on graves. 

Cemetery Forms 

  1. Notice of Interment Form
  2. Grave Digging Form
  3. Application for erection of a Memorial or Tablet
  4. Additional Inscription Form
  5. Indemnity Form
  6. Purchase of Exclusive Right of Burial Form

Any use of Watton Cemetery must be arranged through a funeral director and memorials can only be erected by an accepted stone mason.

The Town Council endeavours to create a pleasant environment for all users of the Cemetery and it is hoped the area is respected by those who visit.

The Town Council regularly inspects the Cemetery but please help to keep the area a pleasant place by reporting any concerns you might have regarding the Cemetery to the Town Council Office.

Adornment removal

The Council has issued a statement which is being sent in response to comments received in regards to the removal of Grave Adornments.