Meeting Dates 21-22

Full Town Council meetings are usually held on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month, starting at 7.00pm:

11th January 2022
25th January 2022
8th February 2022
22nd February 2022
8th March 2022
22nd March 2022
12th April 2022
26th April 2022
10th May 2022
24th May 2022

If you would like to speak at a Town Council meeting please contact the Town Council office prior to the meeting date.  Agendas for meetings are posted on the website and in the notice board outside Wayland Hall, usually the Wednesday before the meeting.

At each Town Council meeting there is a 15 minute slot on the agenda for Public Participation when members of the public are invited to address the Council. This 15 minutes can be extended at the discretion of the Chairman, which is why we ask that anyone wishing to speak contacts the Office first so the Chairman can consider whether any extension may be necessary. Members of the public are not usually permitted to speak at any other time in the meeting and thus are asked to stay muted at virtual meetings (as do Councillors) unless invited to speak.