Watton Town Council has two allotments sites. The site at Church Road, adjacent to the cemetery, is owned by Watton Town Council with the Thetford Road site, adjacent to the Tesco store, leased until 2028.

There is a waiting list for allotments and if you wish to apply for your name to be added to the list please contact the Town Council Office with your name, address, telephone number and preference of which site (form can be downloaded from link below).


Please note that as from the 27th of September 2016, along with residents of the town, residents from neighbouring parishes can apply for an allotment in Watton but will only be allocated an allotment if there are no Watton residents waiting – Minute Reference 27.09.2016 item 7. Allotments.

The annual rent for an allotment is currently £22.00 per annum. The rent is subject to annual review and due on or before the 1st October each year. Tenancy agreements normally run from the 1st October in any year.

As of October 1st 2024 allotment yearly rent will increase to £25.00

The tenancy agreement, signed by all allotment holders, sets out the rules for the allotments.