Watton Town Council has two allotments sites. The site at Church Road, adjacent to the cemetery, is owned by Watton Town Council with the Thetford Road site, adjacent to the Tesco store, leased until 2028.

There is a waiting list for allotments and if you wish to apply for your name to be added to the list please contact the Town Council Office with your name, address, telephone number and preference of which site (form can be downloaded from link below).


Please note that as from the 27th of September 2016, along with residents of the town, residents from neighbouring parishes can apply for an allotment in Watton. Minute Reference 27.09.2016 item 7. Allotments.

The annual rent for an allotment is currently £22.00 per annum. The rent is subject to annual review and due on or before the 1st April each year. Tenancy agreements normally run from the 1st April in any year.

Other general terms and conditions follow (this page does not constitute the tenancy agreement and is provided for informational purposes only)

  • Either party to a Tenancy Agreement serving on the other not less than twelve months written notice to quit expiring on or before 1st April in any year may terminate the Tenancy.
  • The Tenant shall during the tenancy carry out the following obligations:

a) The Allotment Garden shall be kept in a clean and tidy condition and shall be properly cultivated. All adjacent pathways shall be clean, and in good condition. All pathways must be maintained and not removed without prior permission of the Council.

b) The Tenant shall cause no nuisance or annoyance to any other Tenant or any other part of the allotments provided by the Council.

c) No animals, livestock or fowl are to be kept on the Allotment Garden without prior consent in writing of the Council.

d) No dogs shall be brought into the Allotment Garden area.

e) The Tenant shall not assign the tenancy or sub-let or part with the possession of any part of the Allotment Garden, without the approval of the Council.

f) The Tenant shall not erect any building or other permanent structure on the Allotment Garden without the approval of the Council, nor fence it in any way. A garden shed, of Council approved design, may be erected on the concrete base provided alongside the Allotment area.

g) The Tenant shall maintain in decent order all fences and ditches bordering the Allotment Garden, and shall trim and keep in good order any hedge alongside the Allotment Garden.

h) The Tenant shall not without first obtaining written approval of the Council cut, lop or fell any tree growing on the Allotment Garden.

i) The Tenant shall cultivate the Allotment Garden, and shall use it only for the production of fruit, vegetables and flowers for domestic consumption by himself and his family.

j) The Tenant shall permit the inspection at all reasonable times of the Allotment Garden by any Officer of the Council.

k) The Tenant shall not obstruct or permit the obstruction of any of the paths set out for the use of the Allotment Gardens.

l) No fires including barbecues are permitted.

  • The Council shall pay all rates, taxes, dues or other assessments, which may from time to time be levied upon the Allotment Gardens.
  • If the Tenant shall have been in breach of any of the foregoing provisions of this Agreement for a period of one month or longer, the Council may re-enter upon the Allotment Garden and the tenancy thereon shall come to an end, but without prejudice to any right of the Council to claim damages for any such breach or to recover any rent already due before the time of such re-entry but remaining unpaid.
  • On the termination of the tenancy, the Tenant shall be entitled to receive such compensation as is provided for by the Allotments Acts 1908 to 1950, but if the Tenant shall have been paid or promised any compensation by any incoming Tenant of the Allotment Garden, the Tenant shall before claiming any compensation from the Council give to it in writing, notice of the matters in respect of which any such compensation has been paid or promised.