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Watton Town SignWatton twinned with Weeze, Germany

There are three tiers of local Government, each with different responsibilities.

The Town Council works with Breckland District Council and Norfolk County Council 

A list of useful contacts in case of an emergency see below link

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Watton Town Council is following the

Government Advice regarding the coronavirus pandemic:


THE TOWN COUNCIL BEGAN TO HOLD ZOOM VIRTUAL MEETINGS ON 23.06.20 AND IS CONTINUING TO DO SO –  agendas can be seen on the agendas page.

 The Town Council is still working on behalf of the residents of Watton and please continue to contact the Town Council Office by email or phone.

Town Councillors are corresponding with staff and each other by holding regular Zoom Catch-Up meetings. Matters can be discussed and actions sanctioned. Delegation to the staff has been extended during this time of restricted activities to allow the Council to function and fulfil its legal responsibilities.
The Council also continues to consider planning applications received for consultation and comments are passed to Breckland District Council as the Local Planning Authority.

Please note due to current government guidelines relating to holding large gatherings Watton Town Council is very disappointed that it is felt necessary to cancel the 2020 Fireworks Evening.

It is hoped the 2020 Festive Market can go ahead on November 29th in some way, but this is likely to be a much smaller event than in the last years. More news to follow once decisions on the format of the day have been made.



Please note:

The Watton Town Council Office is closed to the Public until further notice.

Staff are working from home and will answer the telephone and respond to emails.

We trust you will understand that to ensure the continued running of the Council this is an essential step.

As normal, contact details are:

01953 881007

[email protected]

[email protected]

Thank you for your patience and understanding at this difficult time.



Photo of the Town Mayor and Vice Mayor

Photo of the Town Mayor and Vice Mayor



Watton Town Council Mayor 2019-20 and 2020-21

The first meeting of the newly elected Town Council for Watton was held on 14.05.19.

 Pat WARWICK was elected as Chairman and Mayor of Watton.

Jane FOUNTAIN was elected Vice-Chairman.

Both Pat and Jane are to remain in position until May 2021.