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Watton twinned with Weeze, Germany

There are three tiers of local Government, each with different responsibilities.

The Town Council works with Breckland District Council and Norfolk County Council 

Town Clock

Unfortunately the Town Clock is not being wound at present due to issues with access. The 5 year building inspection is to be conducted in May 2022 and following receipt of the survey report it is hoped that matters can be addressed and the clock will be working again.

Watton Neighbourhood Plan 

In April 2017 the Town Council agreed to prepare a Neighbourhood Plan that will, when complete, form part of the statutory town planning framework for the area. Following a number of early consultation events and the preparation of detailed studies, we have now reached the formal “Pre-Submission” stage.

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High Street Planters

For this jubilee year the Town Council’s contractor will remove the current planters in the High Street and refurbish them before replanting for the summer with red, white and blue flowering plants.

Therefore the planters will be missing from the High Street for some time this spring, but will be returned by June.


Wayland Hall Works

The works in the Council Chamber are being undertaken to create an area which will be shared with the Museum 4 Watton. It is exciting that this joint venture will allow the Museum to display more of the history of the town as well as providing an improved space for Town Council meetings. We are all looking forward to the completion of the work.


Thriving People & Places” is a year-long-project and will be a significant undertaking for Breckland District Council, helping Breckland bounce back from the challenges of Covid-19 and build a strong and sustainable economy for the future.

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  • Emergency Contacts – A list of useful contacts in case of an emergency see  link: Be better prepared for any emergencies