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There are three tiers of local Government, each with different responsibilities.

The Town Council works with Breckland District Council and Norfolk County Council 

Job opportunity

Watton Town Council is working with the Charlotte Harvey Trust, Nourishing Norfolk and Breckland Council to set up a new ‘Food Hub’ in Watton.

A food hub is a shop which sells basic, essential food items at reduced cost.  Stock is a mixture of donated and purchased food, the aim being to ensure that a range of basic items are always in stock.  The idea is to bridge the gap between ‘emergency’ food provision (via Food Banks) and supermarkets.

The Town Council is supporting this venture and will assist by employing a person to supervise the shop.

The advert for the job can be found here: Supervisor Job Advert

Job description: Watton Food Hub – Job Description 2022.09

Job application form: Watton Town Council Application Form – Food Hub Supervisor

2022 upcoming events
Watton Festive Market 2022 Stall Holders Form and RA
Emergency Plan

Why have a Plan?

As the Emergency Services may be having to respond to larger issues in the surrounding area, the Town Council is working on an Emergency Plan to be able to support our more vulnerable residents. This requires the active involvement of members of the community, as local residents know their community as no outsider can. The outcome will be an Emergency Group consisting of Councillors and members of the public. Town Councillors Jane Fountain, Charlotte Greenough and Stan Hebborn will be on the Emergency Group.

What is Community Resilience?

Community Resilience is the ability to keep functioning during an emergency, being collectively prepared to respond and recover, and being able to provide assistance to its vulnerable residents.

What emergencies will be covered?

Severe weather – floods, heavy snow, heatwaves, high winds. The Emergency Group will take the lead working with the emergency services and the District and County Councils.

Major Fire – The Emergency Group will work under the direction of the emergency services.

Civil unrest – Cllr Stan Hebborn will work with the police.

Hostilities (war/invasion) – Cllr Jane Fountain will work with the relevant authorities.

Loss of power/water/heating – utility companies and Anglian Water will help vulnerable residents who are registered with them. Contact them if you have special needs. The Emergency Group will work with the companies to ensure the safety and wellbeing of residents.

Infectious Disease/Pandemic – The Emergency Group will support the Public Health agencies as directed by them. Individuals should follow NHS and Government advice and regulations.

Loss of a child/vulnerable adult – The Emergency Group will support the police and emergency services under their direction.

What interested residents can do – complete the form about assistance wanted and offered by completing the below form

Community Emergency Plan – Assistance Offered and Wanted Form

Please deliver or email completed  form to the Town Council, Wayland Hall, Middle Street, Watton or [email protected]

All information that you supply will be treated as confidential. It will be kept securely, and it will only be used in an emergency to assist the community emergency response, the Councils’ Emergency Planners and the emergency services. Details will be reviewed annually.


Reclaim The Rain
Watton & Merton are part of this exciting new project to create some really innovative new strategies for storing and using rain water. The project is led by Norfolk County Council who will be working closely with the Watton Town Council and the Watton & Saham Flood Action Group. Lots more information to come or follow the links below for more details or to make your own suggestions.
You can view a webinar giving information about the Local Flood Authority: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZA35IaeZeijMbs_M65uSpQ
Town Clock

Unfortunately the Town Clock is currently broken and a report is being compiled regarding suggested works needed to get it working again. The 5 year building inspection has also been conducted and necessary works to the clock tower have been identified. It is hoped a project manager will be engaged to help commission and oversee the repairs.


Watton Neighbourhood Plan 

In April 2017 the Town Council agreed to prepare a Neighbourhood Plan that will, when complete, form part of the statutory town planning framework for the area. Following a number of early consultation events and the preparation of detailed studies, we have now reached the formal “Pre-Submission” stage.

For more information please view https://www.wattontowncouncil.gov.uk/neighbourhood-plan/  


Wayland Hall Works

Works in the Council Chamber to create an area which will be shared with the MuseumforWatton are very near completion. It is exciting that this joint venture will allow the Museum to display more of the history of the town as well as providing an improved space for Town Council meetings. The coffee bar is now open and we are all looking forward to the final completion of the work.


Thriving People & Places” is a year-long-project and will be a significant undertaking for Breckland District Council, helping Breckland bounce back from the challenges of Covid-19 and build a strong and sustainable economy for the future.

Find out more: https://www.breckland.gov.uk/Future-Breckland


  • TC Meetings – information regarding Town Council meetings please use the “Meeting Dates” menu tab.
  • Emergency Contacts – A list of useful contacts in case of an emergency see  link: Be better prepared for any emergencies