Annual Town Meeting 2021

Reports presented for the Watton Annual Town Meeting 2021

Town Council 2019 – 2021
Watton Town Council Finance Report 2021
Grants and Donations Given 1920 2021
District Councillor Keith Gilbert
District Councillor Tina Kiddell
District and County Councillor Claire Bowes
Safer Neighbourhood Team


The following reports are from organisations which have received grants or donations from Watton Town Council during 2019 and 2020

Wayland Men’s Shed
Watton Twinning Association
Rotary Club
Loch Neaton Parkrun
Loch Neaton
Watton District Guides
Wayland First Response
Watton Thursday Club
Watton Society
Good Neighbours Scheme
Wayland Chamber of Commerce
Watton & Saham Flood Action Group
Benjamin Foundation CHT

Reports presented by other local organisations

Watton Neighbourhood Plan Working Group
Wayland Partnership Development Trust
Queens Hall
Watton Sports Association