Annual Town Meeting 2019

The Annual Town Meeting for Watton

Annual Town Meeting 2019 Agenda

1. Signed Annual Town Meeting Minutes 2018

Financial Report 2019 – Budget 2018/2019

Reports:- Please click on the reports to view

2. Chairman’s Report

3. Breckland District Councillor Keith Gilbert Report

4. Breckland District Councillors Michael Wassell & Claire Bowes Report

5. County Councillor Claire Bowes Report

6. Safer Neighbourhood Team April 2019 Newsletter

7. Watton Neighbourhood Plan Drainage Working Group Report

8. Wayland Partnership Development  Trust Report

Grants/Donations given in the financial year of 2018-2019

9. Stevens Almhouses Charity Report

10. Watton Carnival Committee Report

11. Breckland Harmony Report

12. Watton Twinning Association Report

13. Loch Neaton Committee Report

14. Watton Thursday Club Report

15. Citizens Advice Bureau Report

Reports from Organisations within the Town

16. Museum 4 Watton Report

17. Revd Gerry Foster Report

Draft Annual Town Meeting Minutes for the meeting held on April 16th 2019