Annual Town Meeting 2017

Annual Town Meeting 2017  -April 18th 2017

The Annual Parish Meeting for Watton is a meeting of the local government electors and elected representatives (should they wish to attend), where matters relating to the parish of Watton can be raised and discussed.

The Parish Meeting is distinct  to Town Council meetings as it is a meeting for the electors where any person registered to vote in the parish has an opportunity to speak.  Town Councillors along with the District and County Councillors, if in attendance, can hopefully take any issues raised to the relevant authority. The Parish Meeting cannot compel any other authority to deal with a particular issue but it can help the elected representatives understand what issues are important.

At a normal Town Council meeting, there is limited opportunity for electors to speak and they don’t have any automatic right to speak at a Council meeting, but at the Parish Meeting if you are registered to vote in the parish of Watton, you have a right to speak.

The Mayor of Watton will be the Chairman. The Chairman may exercise all the powers of the Chairman in relation to the conduct of the meeting. The Chairman’s  decision is final on any matter.

The Chairman has sole discretion regarding whether an item put forward for discussion relates sufficiently to Watton to be included on the agenda.

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Reports:- Please click on the reports to view

  1.    Breckland Councillor Keith Gilbert Report
  2.    Breckland District Councillors Michael Wassell & Claire Bowes Report
  3.    Wayland Partnership Development Trust Report
  4.    Wayland Festival Committee Report
  5.    Twinning Association Report
  6.    St. Mary’s Church Report
  7.    Museum4Watton Report
  8.    Loch Neaton Committee Report
  9.    Stevens Almhouses Report
  10.  County Councillor Claire Bowes Report
  11.  Citizens Advice Bureau Report
  12. Wayland Chamber of Commerce Report